Cluster Of Stars

Cluster of Stars is an evening academy for special children. Our mission is to provide conducive environment for special children with blend to explore their potential according to their interests,such as educational activities and other creative abilities.

Aims and Objectives

Cluster of Stars focuses on strategies to address the educational needs of the special children.The academy provides a balanced development of the student’s educational skill as well as managing assistance and guidance to overcome their deficiencies.

In order to achieve these objectives ,maximum attention is given to individualized instructions for making the lives of special children easy and useful for society by polishing their potential.


  • Pre writing skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Self help skills
  • Socialization
  • Self grooming
  • Quran teaching
  • Speech and communication skills
  • Art activities
  • Games


Children within the full spectrum of intellectual and developmental disabilities , from mild to severe , are considered for admission.

Contact Us

+92-315-5178353, +92-344-4933919, +92-51-4455378
270-D Satellite Town (Commercial Market) Rawalpindi.